Servicing your vehicle regularly maximises the lifespan and value of your car or van. Our expert mechanics and technicians are trained to service any make and model of car using the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment and are committed to providing a friendly, straightforward and honest service.

We don’t just change your oil and send you on your way. We thoroughly inspect and test the whole car to ensure it is running smoothly and is safe for you to drive.

We only use high quality Rock Oil in our services as it meets and surpasses all relevant national and international standards. Rock Oil also has vast automotive experience with a long history of motorsport involvement, including supporting a factory team at Le Mans.

Don’t I have to get my car serviced by a main dealer? 

Since October 2003 you have no obligation to have your car serviced at a franchised dealer. However, if your car is still under warranty, you have to ensure your car is serviced according to your car manufacturer’s recommended criteria and service schedule, and all replacement parts must be manufacturer approved.

This requirement to only use manufacturer approved replacement parts applies to the warranty offered by the manufacturer, so choosing to have your car serviced outside of your main dealer franchise using different replacement parts will invalidate your warranty.

When you have your car serviced outside the main dealer network, it is essential that you keep good records to prove that your service was carried out to the manufacturers specifications. This will ensure your car stays within its existing warranty.