What is ECU Remapping?

All modern vehicles are fitted with an Engine Control Unit or ‘ECU’, this is the engines ‘brain’ and it has evolved from a simple circuit that controlled the ignition to a very sophisticated computer that now controls virtually every aspect of the car’s engine, from the amount of boost the turbo will create, when and how much fuel is injected, when the spark plugs fire, what pressure the fuel rail runs at, Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR, and Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF function and regeneration.

When car manufacturers programme this ECU to control the engines function they have to be very liberal with the setting, taking into account the various markets that the car may end up in, the lack of maintenance certain owners will embellish on the car, poor fuel quality etc, etc.

However car manufacturers will also down tune certain cars so that they fit into certain market categories as well as certain insurance categories. Many times a lower model will be a down tuned higher model, using exactly the same engine components but simply down mapped at the factory to produce lower power.

ECU remapping is the art of subtlety tuning the engines running parameters to achieve a higher state of tune. An ECU that is well remapped will result in a car that not only produces more power and torque it also returns a higher MPG and will drive smoother and be far more responsive that its standard counterpart.

Carmatech have the software, tools, technology and perhaps most importantly, the tuning experience to fine tune and remap your vehicle’s ECU to give it truly remarkable results.

Sound like bold claims? At Cambridge ECU Remapping, we are prepared to offer all our ECU Remapping and chip tuning on a 100% no quibble guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the result of your ECU Remap we will return your car to standard if brought back to us within 14 days and we will give you a full refund. (T&Cs apply) Please note: The advice we give to our customers is always in their best interest. We always advise customers to take great care and consideration when choosing an ECU Remapping company.

Why Choose Us?

Carmatech strive for absolute customer satisfaction and as such we always remap the original file that was read from your car. Other remap companies will brag about how many maps they have on their database, but we never recycle ECU maps and NEVER use generic ‘off the database’ maps. All our maps are tuned using techniques learned and been proven on a 2000bhp Dynojet rolling road.
Should you wish to have your car dyno tuned, we can arrange a booking for a rolling road run at our head office so you can be sure that your car has made the gains we promise, with an official readout.

Whether you are looking for a sports performance remap, diesel engine tuning or dpf removal, our expert ECU remapping specialists use the latest engine chip-tuning diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure each client gets the custom remap they require. We promise to custom tune each and every engine and vow never to offer common & dangerous “one-size-fits-all” ECU Remaps.

As main agents for BHP UK all our vehicle software is custom written by their in-house remapping technicians, tailoring each car remap specifically for your vehicle. All chip tuning remaps have been tried and tested using a 2000bhp DynoJet Rolling-Road situated at BHP UK’s technical development centre in Simonstone.